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73 Magazine (September 2002)

Published September 2002

73 Magazine September 2002 (#502)

Amplifier Testbench Report - Here's a look at broadband amps that's packed with useful insight ...... K8ZOA 10
2m/70 cm quad Revisited -Part 2 - Try out this new, improved update to a CQ article (July 1999) ...... K8IHQ 18
General-Purpose Interface Board for the ISA Bus - A simple, inexpensive alternative for interfacing resl-time, home-brewed applications to the PC ...... AB2LX 20
Inside a Lampkin - More secrets of deviant behavior ...... W6WTU 26
You Can Build This VLF to HF Loop Receiving Antenna - Part 3 of 3 ...... K8ZOA 32
"CQ Lidsville, CQ" - Are you in one of these QSOs? ...... 34
FAIRS in Dominica - As the saying goes, it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it ...... KK4WW et al. 38

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Year 2002
Language English
Collection 73-magazine; magazine_rack; additional_collections


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